Why Every Business Needs A Website

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Hello, this is Mikel with Tiny Frog Technologies. I want to talk a little bit about the importance of a website for business. Regardless of what you do, even if your website is not strictly a marketing tool and your clients or prospective clients mainly come in through referral resources – your website is still a very important tool in your business development process. Because even if your clients come in through referrals at some point in the process they’re probably going to your website. And your website is being viewed by them and your business is being judged through the lens of your website. So having a really effective website is very important for your business regardless of what you do whether you’re selling services or products.

So your website is really a pure reflection of your business. So it’s not something we recommend building and then just leave it alone for 40 years until you need to redo. A website should really evolve with your business as your services change and as your messaging changes. As your value that you offer your clients change, these things change pretty continually. We recommend looking at your website on a regular basis and asking yourself – is my website at this moment in real time reflecting the business? If not, it’s probably hurting your business because people are looking at your business based on the perspective that they see in your website which may or may not be up-to-date. So it’s really important not only to adapt your website for design trends and for functionality trends but to update your website from the perspective of your business. And to continually ask yourself on a regular basis is the website at this moment reflecting the strengths and the advantages my business has to offer my clients.

We are a website company so we’re continually updating our website not only because we’re website company because we’re selling services we want to make sure that the website is under on a regular basis reflecting those services. So I like to look at a website as a process of continual improvement. Once you launch your website you have that initial thing to work from. And then at least on a quarterly basis, I would recommend looking at your website and asking what can we do to upgrade or update the content, the visuals, the messaging, the calls to action – anything that can increase the engagement rate on how people are perceiving your web business through your website. So this is Mikel with Tiny Frog Technologies, if you have any questions on creating a business website that is continually improving, feel free to contact us.