Five Reasons Why Every Business Needs A Website

The first reason every business needs a website is that most prospects start with a search these days.

Consumers can access a library’s worth of information on their phones like never before. Typically, consumers search for local companies that provide the product/solutions. If they can’t find them locally, they’re provided with a list of companies with the answer.

Second, your website is the beginning of your sales process. The prospect first wants to know you have what they are looking for. Then they want you to tell them more about it. They are in research mode, and you need to satisfy their curiosity.

Third, you need to provide them with proof you do what you say you do. Photos, videos, case studies, reviews, and testimonials all help the customer build the belief that you are the company to help them.

Fourth, they need your contact information. Phone number, email address, physical address, and hours of operation so they can contact you and purchase what you are selling. Nobody uses the yellow pages anymore. Make sure your phone number is clickable and provide the digits for calling on a cell phone. Always answer emails promptly and courteously as the prospect is beginning to judge your customer service levels.

Five give the customer an idea of the price and timeframe. Many services are complex and can typically structure price ranges between A and B. And the things that control the difference between A and B are the following. Give the prospect an idea of the timeframe, the steps they will go through with you to make the right purchase for them, and how the price will be fine-tuned as you both understand the specifics better.

When you provide all of this information to a prospect by the time they call, they have sold themselves on working with you. Prospects typically only want to verify their assumptions based on the information you have provided them.

There are more reasons to have a website than just these five, but these five are the key ones for making your website convert prospects into hot leads.